IMG_7282Erin is a pharmacy manager at a NYC academic medical center — she must “mute” her appearance so as not to distract her male office-mates.

Tulie is a project manager for a large NYC general construction firm — at times, she needs to be the “mother in the room” to mask any sexual “messages.”

Jessica is the program manager of a Philadelphia after-school music program — who reminds us that in this “me-too” moment “everything is considered sexual harassment.”

From Gebhard’s Beer Culture Bar — this BCR episode looks at the male-dominated American workplace through the experiences of three young professional women.  We also spoke with Helen Rosenthal of the NYC 6th Council District and her efforts to introduce United Nations CEDAW ethics–protecting women’s rights–into the city charter.

Becky and Alan start the show at Vino Laventino talking about the pitfalls of trying to create THE PERFECT HUSBAND.


Folks — this is a weird one. Little worked in this episode as we planned; nevertheless, your intrepidny-review-of-books podcasting bar crawlers forged ahead and continued to drink at their moderate rate. That’s good–yes?

Rebecca and Alan were joined for the intro segment by Paul Alan Ruben — author of Terms of Engagement — at Vino Laventino to share Malbec and bad poetry. Alan introduced this episode’s ennui by sharing his discouraging experience of The New York Review of Books–Holiday Issue. And Becky ended the intro by describing her “Little Stool.”

We then gathered ourselves and crawled to Gebhard’s Beer Culture Bar to talk about the Action Against Bulling with DJ King Assassin and Dr. Sairah Qureshi — Dr. Q — or — that was the plan. But, the plan went awry. In any case, we wrestled the fates to the ground and captured what is now another addition to the BCR legend.



The Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument — W. 89th Street in Riverside Park — has sat

Alan / Rebecca / Jon Kuhn / Peter Galasinao

majestically overlooking our Upper West Side neighborhood in Manhattan since 1902.  The battles of the Civil War and the Northern generals festoon its Greek-styled columns – and it is slowly crumbling under the wear of the elements and time.  For this BCR show we talk with officials of  New York  City Parks, John Herrold and Jonathan Kuhn — and the president of the Soldiers’ and Sailors’s Memorial Association, Peter Galasinao — and historian Cal Snyder about the Monuments history, its importance in Memorial Day commemorations and plans for its restoration.

John Herrold / Cal Snyder

If you want more information about what is being done to restore the Monument you can link to the NYC Parks Department “Conditions Survey and Restoration Treatment Study,” and the “Conditions Report by the New York City Landmark Conservancy.”


Becky and I recorded our conversation at Gebhard’s Beer Culture Bar — and started this show’s “crawl” at 5 Napkin Burger where we talked about healthy approaches to senior urinating issues.  In a sense — like the grand Monument on W. 89th Street — we are in need of restoration.soldiers & sailors


What a wonderful opportunity and pleasure to have a conversation with NY State Assembly person Linda Rosenthal.  Her Manhattan office is next door to Gebhards Beer Culture Bar and when she knocked on the porch window during  a BCR recording — we knew we had to invite her on the podcast.

We talked with the SA person about her success at  bringing “Menstrual Equity” to the state and her fight to extend the statute of limitations to BCR24-L-Rosenthal-editprosecute child sex offenders.  And we talked politics —  the shift to the left as the Democrats take over both houses of the state legislature.  Linda is a life long Upper West Sider; so, we commiserated over  the “corporatizing” of  our neighborhood — and much more.

BCR #24 starts off at 5 Napkin Burger . Becky and I try to match Ira Glass’s exquisite “This American Life” style.  Of course we fail, but it was fun trying.

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BTW – we played a few seconds of “Such Great Heights” by Iron and Wine and hope they do not mind.

Becky and I started at Gabriela’s Tequila Bar on W. 93rd Street talking about favorite shot glass and the experience of watching the top of Jeff Daniels’ head — during his performance of Atticus Finch in “To Kill a Mockingbird” from the “angel’s view” in the Shubert Theatre.

We then crawled over to Gebhard’s Beer Culture Bar on W. 72nd Street and had two wonderful conversations; First with the founder of Paracademia — Milica Paranosic.  We met this prolific, multi-talented arts , teacher and community organizer at her street event “Make Music Harlem.”  Since then we interviewed her for “UWS Neighbors” and recorded her musical tribute to Pia Gilbert at her “Ladies First-Pioneer” concert for “UWS LIVE” – both shows are scheduled on Upper West Side Radio – —   For BCR23 we focused on Milica’s upcoming film festival “Add a Movie” and her early inspirations in Serbia.BCR23-ROSA-Aleksandra-Astrid-Shilpa

We also talked to three of the members of the all-female,  a cappella singing ensemble — ROSA [“dew” in Serbian] about their individual careers and their efforts to bring traditional Serbian-Croatian music to the world.  Hear a couple of examples of their work recorded at Gebhards Beer Culture Bar on W. 72nd Street.  See a sample of the work at  the 2018 “Make Music Harlem” street event.

Bar Crawl Radio is not also on SPOTIFY.

At Gebhard’s Beer Culture Bar, Becky and I spoke with campaign manager Richard Fife5nap-becky-marty about the Democrn’s work for education in our city, and /about his qualifications and goals when he gets elected.  Here’s a chance to meet a politician you probably don’t know but who is gaining in power and prestige.

Our intro was recorded at the UWS “5 Napkins” restaurant  — we talked about bathrooms and blackmail and met our favorite bartender — that night — Lynn.

Recently — Becky and I attended the Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference in MAPCON-BeckySwedesboro, NJ.  We met a bunch of great podcasters —

  • dined on grease at Appleby’s
  • almost got swept away in a flood
  • hugged the Blind Blogger & Super Joe Pardo
  • won TWO XLR microphones in a Podcast Contest for “One Nip’ll Never Do”
  • learned about all the things we are doing wrong
  • and right

— and we wanted to share these experiences with you.  So if you’ve always wanted the scoop on the shadowy secrets of the podcasting arts — this show is for YOU.

Before they post to iTunes and Stitcher — BCR shows are scheduled weekdays from 5 – 6pm at Upper West Side Radio.

“Trump is the first of any modern presidents to advocate for reducing legal immigration.”  Sarah Pierce of the Migration Policy Institute

“More of the United States population is foreign-born now than at any time since 1910.” NYTimes – Sept. 2018.

The First Lady’s parents become citizens through what Trump calls “Chain Migration.”  What a world!

BCR’s second show on U.S. immigration brings in two experts — one an academic  –


Immigration lawyer Cyrus Mehta on BCR at Gebhard's Bar in Manhattan


Monica Varsanyi of John Jay College — studying how immigration enforcement used to be a border thing but under PT has moved inland.  Individual city governments and even police officers are making decisions that impact the lives of millions of immigrants and their families.  And immigration lawyer Cyrus Mehta tries to explain the complexity of this country’s immigration laws to Becky and me  as if we were four-year-olds. And I still do not understand how it works.

In the end, these two experts on the issue of immigration in this county — one from the side of enforcement — the other from a criminal justice perspective — express a compassion and respect for U.S. immigrants that is anathema to P.T..


  • We are a nation of immigrants.
  • We are a nation that does not want immigrants — keep it right and white.
  • We are a nation that welcomes the talented and those who yearn for a better life and those who are escaping oppression.
  • We are a nation that sticks to our own – outsiders are dangerous.

BCR #19 brings together three immigrants — a Czech — a Filipino — an Irishman — who are BCR-19-Immigrantsnow authorized “United Statesians” [I am pulling away from calling citizens of the United States — “Americans.”  USians do not own the entire American continent–North, Central and South–and so USians do not own the identifier–“American.”  Of course, in doing so, we reveal an attitude of ownership and power.]

This show and conversation was an inspiration of Rebecca McKean — who is tired and sick of the populist right matching “criminal” with “immigrant.”  As she emphasized — we are all immigrants.

The show starts off with Alan and Becky talking with BCR co-producer Alina Larson about her trip to the Galapagos, and we get an explosive definition of the alcoholic term “proof.”  It could have just as well been “POOF.”